Gringo Cafe

Welcome to Gringo Cafe guys!

A cute little Mexican restaurant situated in Johannesburg CBD.

 If there’s one thing I love about my city, it would be finding hidden gems all around (especially food spots) because I just lurve food!

I randomly came across Gringo Cafe on my IG page and immediately fell in love! Not only did the food capture my attention but so did the look of the place.

Nate & I decided to go for lunch this past Sunday and have some friends join us. As we got to Maboneng, Nate and I got a little lost because they are forever developing new properties around the area, and for some reason we didn’t even think that they had moved on over to the other side of Main Street. Our GPS couldn’t even help us that day but luckily for us some guy knew exactly where it was and directed us there.  The pictures were exactly what it looked like in person, cute, quaint and intimate.


Let’s talk food …I really wanted to try everything on the menu but had to stop myself because I didn’t want to roll out of there. We started with the corn on cob (mealies). Those were the best I have ever tasted, nicely roasted with a slight sting from the hot sauce that is unexpected (a must try). We tried their wings which was also delicious and the pulled pork and chicken tacos (amazeballs).  If you not a Mexican food fan, you can try some of their South African dishes with a twist.

IMG_0797 (2).jpg


Gringo means foreigner, just in case you wanted to know!



If there is one thing I am grateful for is having a partner that shares the same interests as me and is more than happy to visit these places with me, even if it’s just the two of us. We often find ourselves asking the owners so many questions about their business because we so eager to know everything about it and to build a good relationship of course.



The Fix Top// Mr P Skirt




Thanks to Brooke and Saad, owners of Gringo Cafe for being excellent hosts on the day. May your business grow from strength to strength! Be sure to follow them on Instagram to know what’s happening – Gringo Cafe

Until the next time!

You Me Naturally



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