Durban to Dubai -Pt 1

Hi everyone, I’m rather late with this post but trying to get my head around my new You Tube Channel! Yes, you heard right, I started my own channel last month and still trying to juggle between that and the blog. I honestly didn’t realise how exhausting the editing process would be but getting the hang of it. My channel is also called You Me Naturally, so you can head on over there for the latest vlogs, hair reviews and so much more.

Now you probably wondering what’s up with the heading “Durban to Dubai”? Well let me not keep you waiting … April has been a big month for me travel wise and celebration wise. We celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday as well as my best friend’s birthday. My mom didn’t really want a big thing, all she asked was that we take her to Durban and be by the ocean. We were ecstatic because as a family it has been ages since we had taken a holiday together. Nate and I could only spend the weekend, as we were preparing to leave for Dubai the following weekend for my best friend’s birthday. I honestly love Durban and gets better every time I go there. I know most people have this thing that there isn’t much to do but I have made a point to get to know what to do and where to go and make the most of the beach of course. We arrived the Friday late evening getting a good night’s rest for the following two days. Saturday, we were up early and made our way to the beach where we spent our entire day just soaking up the sea and sand. The evening we had a supper for my mom with all her immediate family which was rather special, because like I said in the beginning we don’t do it often enough because my mom’s family all stay in KZN. The Sunday I wanted to take a trip into central town where the main beach is located. I was looking for a gift for my best friend so thought it would be the perfect place to find something unique for her. Funny thing was that I got the gift but forgot it at home Lol … Anyway, after spending some time on the promenade, we grabbed some lunch in Florida road, can’t remember the places name but they do sell some amazing food. With a few hours left in Durbs, we got to hang out with my family and then made our way home early hours of the morning the next day.

IMG_1030 (2)

IMG_1012 (2).JPG
Momma and I

IMG_1042 (2)

IMG_1060 (2)


IMG_1110 (2)

IMG_1097 (2)

I have already uploaded the vlog for this trip on my channel, you can view it here.

Keep a look out for the next part of my trip, coming soon…

Until next time,




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