You Me Naturally x Queen of Jozi

“When women support each other, incredible things happen”


Queen of Jozi and myself have been speaking about doing a duo for months, however our busy schedules just didn’t allow us the time to get together. With our back and forth convo we finally made a date and stuck to it.

Now let me take you a little back in time before me even meeting Bronwyn of Queen of Jozi… So, before I started blogging I admired Bronwyn and would go onto her blog daily just to check her out (yes, I admit I may have been stalking her lol) not in a creepy kind of way but loved her style and the way she carried herself. Now as a fan I always wanted to meet her but of course I wasn’t in the inner circle and felt a little far-fetched at the time. Rewind to a year ago of when we finally met … (we had obviously been friends on social media but that was about it). At one of our auditions we finally met by accident and soon clicked! A year later we have become good friends, with lots in common. As a blogger, I find it hard to really meet up with other blogger friends because everyone is always busy and then there is that odd event where we all hang but that’s basically it. With meeting Bronwyn, it was so chilled and loved the fact that we could bounce ideas off each other and speak about everything for hours.

IMG_1816 (2)

IMG_1819 (2)

IMG_1821 (2)

IMG_1825 (2)

Back to our looks for the shoot…

We both have unique styles, mine being classic and hers being that 90’s grunge. We basically spoke two days about what we wanted but couldn’t come up with a specific style, however worked on a basic colour pattern as our foundation. I love how it all came together and how both looks complemented each other, working with the contrast of dark and light. Apart from being all serious on this shoot, we had a lot of fun working together.

IMG_1807 (2)

IMG_1885 (2)

IMG_1889 (2)

We have agreed to partner up a lot more, so if there is anything you want us to shoot then do leave a comment below or send me an email,

You can find Queen of Jozi on the following social handles:

Blog – queenofjozi

Facebook – queenofjozi

Instagram – queenofjoziblog


Photo Credit: Cleo

I hope you enjoyed this post, until next time.




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