Bloggers Breakfast/Brunch

Hi Everyone,

This is no collab, I really wanted to share what Eleanor J’adore and I got up to last week. Another one of those long-awaited dates, but we finally met up and went for breakfast/brunch at Pauls Bakery in Melrose Arch. Well truth be told, we kind of missed breakfast but managed to talk our waiter into serving us breakfast anyway! With breakfast out of the way, we headed to take some pictures for our blogs which was so much fun. It helps having a fellow blogger who knows exactly what to capture because they totally get it (the angle that is lol).

IMG_2157 (2)

IMG_2153 (2)

IMG_2161 (2)

What was supposed to be a morning hook up turned out to be an entire day of chatting, eating ice cream and just enjoying each other’s company. Now for those that may not be familiar with Eleanor J’adore, she is a Blogger, YouTuber, mom, wife and not forgetting a business woman. With Eleanor being back in SA for a short visit, I had to take the opportunity to meet up and get to know her off social media. We met about 2 years ago (I think), well at the first Design Essentials event. We weren’t formally introduced but that is where I had seen her for the first time. And since then we became social media friends with lots in common, obviously natural hair being one of them.


IMG_2190 (2)

IMG_2194 (2)

IMG_2195 (2)

I must say with being part of this whole natural hair movement, I have been able to meet so many beautiful women sharing the same interest as myself. We have basically formed a sisterhood which has never happened before and very much needed in the times we are living in.

For those that are natural, starting your journey and don’t know who to speak to, there tons of groups on facebook, twitter and Instagram, so don’t hesitate to get in touch as it makes your journey a lot lighter especially when shared with like-minded women.

IMG_2179 (2)
Dress: H&M

IMG_2187 (2)

I hope that this post has encouraged you to take the first step.

You can get Eleanor J’adore on the following social handles:

Facebook: EleanorJ’adore

Instagram: EleanorJ’adore

Youtube: EleanorJ’ador

Blog: EleanorJ’adore

Until Next Time,



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