Roses are Red

Hello there,

I have been promising an outfit look for weeks, however every time I want to shoot, something comes up or my photographer/boyfriend is not in the mood lol. This time I had to force and cry just to get the shoot done (the things us bloggers have to go through). Needless to say we managed to shoot at least two looks, which is progress and left me feeling extremely happy. On another note, my You Tube channel has been keeping me extremely busy, so if you would like to see a different side to me, click in the link here.

You guys know that Mr P has always been my staple of clothing, although I now have to source thoroughly through their items because their good pieces are limited, and I have recently resorted to H&M because their pieces are extremely affordable and of good quality.

IMG_2615 (3)

IMG_2613 (3)

IMG_2606 (3)

IMG_2607 (3)
Mr P – top & shoes| H&M – pants & jacket 

IMG_2608 (3)

Anyway, I’m not sure what to call this look but I kind of like the biker, chic look to it. I’ve always admired the flower trend, so when I saw this top at Mr P, I had to grab it (even if the quality is not so great). I paired it with my favourite pants and leather jacket, both from H&M. This jacket is still available at H&M, and now on sale for about +/- R300.

Thank you for stopping by.

Carly Robyn




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