Beauty Factory | Orange Blossom – Pt IIi

Orange Blossom with zesty lemon and fresh basil evokes the memory of citrus blossoms in the springtime. Added lemon essential oil and olive oil both promote healthy purified skin whilst improving skin tone and leaving it feeling soft and nourished.

“served on a silver platter”

Hey guys, so this is my second package from Beauty Factory and I must say it just keeps getting better. I’m probably going to say that these are my favourite, however I still have another package next month, so won’t speak too soon. You guys can have a look at my last review here, where I go into more detail about Beauty Factory and how awesome their products are. In this review I will basically share what I have received and my thoughts thereof…

When receiving the products I thought I was getting the exact same range as the last time; however to my surprise these were called Orange Blossom. I honestly love the smell of anything citrusy, so fell in love with these products instantly!  In this package I received the gift box containing the hand & nail cream, body wash, foam bath and hand wash. I also received the body soufflé and the hand cream, which is not part of the gift box. I will say that if you are planning on buying your loved ones a gift this Christmas, Beauty Factory will have you covered.

Now as mentioned in my previous post I am totally sold out for these products and would probably be buying a lot more especially now that Christmas is around the corner.

My thoughts…

Hand cream

This hand cream is by far the best I have ever used! I have extremely dry hands where every time I wash my hands I need to moisturize. Many of the hand creams I have used in the past just didn’t do it for me, having me to apply it on more than once. With beauty factory’s hand cream it is light and extremely moisturizing.

Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

This is definitely the perfect combination for any bathroom. The aroma of the hand wash and lotion will leave your bathroom smelling fresh, every time you use it.

Body Wash & Foam Bath

A little goes a long way with these two … Leaves skin feeling good and smelling great!



Body Soufflé

You guys know how I feel about this soufflé and if you don’t, you can head on over to my previous post to see my thoughts. The winning factor is definitely the scent!


Well, that’s it from me.

Where can you purchase these products from?

You can also head on to the Beauty Factory website for more information here.

“From me to me with Love” – Beauty Factory

Thank you for stopping by!




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